Three Reasons Why AdWords is Worth the Money

by | Jul 26, 2016 | Marketing

There are many ways that a business can be found online. Customers looking for your services may search on social networks like Twitter or use online directories like Yelp. However, chances are the first place they turn to is a search engine like Google.

AdWords allows businesses to increase website traffic and showcase products and services online. It is especially effective because it can deliver precise information to your customers at their exact moment of need.

If you are not already using it, here are 3 reasons why AdWords should be a part of your digital strategy.

1.) AdWords is Instant:

Once your campaign is set, AdWords will immediately start sending traffic to your website. It is measurable and provides a variety of key metrics that allow you to see what works and what doesn’t. You can quickly and accurately tell if your campaigns are succeeding or not and take advantage of success or adjust issues to improve performance.

2.) Powerful Remarketing Tools:

Remarketing ads through the Google Display Network can feature text, image, and video. You can set tracking codes that place cookies on visitor devices. This allow you track customers who did not convert and then display ads back to them when they are browsing elsewhere.

This is a powerful and effective technique because it allows you to reconnect with potential customers and invite them back by offering incentives like discounts, even after they have left your site.

Highly Customizable:

AdWords is highly customizable and can be adjusted to fit the individual needs of your business. You can target potential customers based on a number of factors, including:

• Geographic location
• The time of day they are searching
• Keyword matching

Still not sure? Open Google and do a few searches on keywords you care about. Your competitors are likely there in the sponsored results at the top of the search engine landing page (SERP). Can you afford not to be?