#1 Google & Bing Rankings via SEO Rank & Defend Campaign

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Marketing

Here’s the proof kids. This keyword was pushed the final 5-6 spots to #1 Google and Bing search rankings as a result of an aggressive SEO Rank & Defend Campaign. Read the chart and chomp your smackers… it’s for real.

This lucky client is an international equipment company who has scads of direct competitors that expend significant resources on search engine optimization. We’re pretty stoked that we got them to this rank. And we’re moving a number of other keywords for them in similar fashion.

SEO Rank & Defend Campaigns

Rank & Defend is the art of keeping your high rankings high. Competitors are always gunning for you. So it’s important to keep pushing your rankings, especially your #1’s. If you don’t, you risk losing your placements. But if you do, they become increasingly easy to maintain as time spent in high positions is actually part of search ranking algorithms. Be high to stay high… sounds like a cannabis slogan, but it pertains to the circumstance. Thus keep in mind that for long-term ranking success, it’s all about being strategic, authoritative and keeping those elbows greased.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: We keep client keywords and SEO strategies confidential as competitors may seek to optimize on client positions.