Create a digital innovation and entrepreneurship platform for high school students. Motivation for this program stems from employer demand for employee candidates with entrepreneurial mindset skills including leadership, creativity, critical-thinking, collaboration, communication and other “Soft Skills.”


Built on our proprietary SaaS Microservices™ Platform.


  • 2017 Alpha Launch.
  • 2018 MIT Launch X Alpha Test with 6,000+ students, in 26 countries, 2,000+ mentors.
  • 2019 Beta Launch.




BizzyB is an online community approach to hands-on innovation and entrepreneurship that integrates students, mentors, educators, contest sponsors and parents into a single multi-user collaboration environment. Key features include:

  • Project Library
  • Groups & Teams Management
  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Leadership Roles
  • Project Journaling
  • Tips & Examples
  • Mentor Commenting
  • Alerts, Notifications, Messaging
  • User Soft Skill Surveys
  • User Digital Portfolios
  • Contests