Premium vs. Cheap Web Hosting: It’s a No-Brainer

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Web

When deciding between premium website hosting and cheap web hosting, choose wisely. As with most situations in life, you get what you pay for. Many people opt for the no-frills route by going with services such as GoDaddy or bluehost. That’s OK for starter sites. But if you’re serious about conducting business online, you’re far better off with a premium hosting service. You’ll pay more initially, but in the long run you’ll save and generate much more money. Here are five reasons why:

Scalable Websites Accommodate Business Growth

Cheap services offer basic hosting. When your online business starts getting noticed, however, you’ll encounter significant limitations as web traffic increases. That’s why you need a scalable site hosted on a premium service such as You’ll enjoy more web search traction and sales volume, along with greater data storage capacity.

Bandwidth Throttling Vs. Unlimited Data Transfer

Cheap hosting services engage in bandwidth throttling – the intentional slowing of your Internet speed. That’s not only annoying, it discourages web commerce. By switching to a premium host you’ll experience much faster speeds with unlimited data transfer.

Own Your Website URL

Signing up with a premium host means you can have your own, custom URL website address. That’s vital for branding purposes. You’ll also protect traffic channels to your business.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Noticed the acronym SSL? It stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” SSL is a security encryption technology that protects information passed over the Internet. If your website collects sensitive user data – such as names, emails and credit cards – SSL Certificates are highly recommended. By choosing a premium hosting service such as, you’ll keep encryption protocols up to date and compliant with best practices. And you’ll be protected by 24/7 security monitoring.

Keep Your IP Address Clean

If your website is on a cheap, shared server service, you could be in jeopardy. Why? If another site on the service is blacklisted for fraudulent practices, all sites sharing that Internet Protocol (IP) addresses could be shut down. By trusting your site to a premium hosting service you’re assured of a clean IP address. No more guilt by association. It’s a no-brainer.