Is “.COM” Better than “.CO”?

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Brand, Web

Generally speaking, yes. But what if the .com you want isn’t available? You could go with other extensions like .net, .co, .tv, .me, etc. In some cases, they’re OK, like if you’re in a highly technical space and your target audience gets that there’s a .co extension. However bear in mind that the risk you run is inadvertently sending traffic to a competitor who has the more intuitive .com position.

When we choose names, we always strive to lock down the .com version. And just because someone else has already registered a URL you want, that doesn’t mean you can’t acquire it. So before giving up, check out whether it’s a active website and who owns it. There’s always the chance that you can buy it. Really? Yes, really.

Most Recent Win:

We started RankHI as a pilot venture with our eyes set on acquiring the .com version. Worse case was that we would change the name if the venture flourished (it did). And fortunately, through being polite and asking nicely, we were able to acquire the .com version through a person who wasn’t sure whether he’d use it. And now for $500, we own the .com version. We consider that a good buy for an intuitive name. In our experience, the spectrum for good names is typically in the few hundred to few thousands of dollars.

Words to Share...
Get your URL right. “Location, Location, Location” applies to the web as much or even more than B&M.

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Frankly, almost amount you pay for a great URL is cheap as it’s a primary customer service location for your business. The real estate adage, “Location, Location, Location” may apply more to your website than even your bricks and mortar as folks are so quick to vet any business now with a look online. If you spend thousands a month for office/retail locations, sales staff, advertising and/or print collateral, you shouldn’t be shy to budget for a great point of access. Further, you might consider that a great URL is has wide reach AND is a permanent asset.

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