Is Your Hosting Service Causing Low Rankings?

by | Jan 21, 2014 | Web

HUGE SECRET: Search engines rank websites in part by download speed. While fast websites get ranked high, slow ones get docked authority points. This makes complete sense as those with great content also tend to pay attention to superior engineering support. Fast downloading also means a more efficient and better user experience.

Find Out: Get a Performance Audit

The simple way to know if your hosting service is adequately serving your web content is to have a performance report run on your site. Any SEO expert can run an audit for you with common tools of the trade. If your hosting shows to be lacking, simply upgrade service to fix the problem. If you desire an audit, Contact Us »

All Hosting Services Not Created Equally

In hosting, you get what you pay for… if you’re lucky. Some service providers “throttle” bandwidth which is the intentional slowing of Internet service. Once you get your performance audit results, check to see if bandwidth is an issue. Alternatively, check your hosting service agreement to see how much storage and bandwidth your contract allows for.

Solution: Premium Hosting for WordPress

If you’re going to take the time to publish, you should pay attention to getting your engineering right so your web content will be found and easily read. That’s why we created a premium WordPress hosting service at just for our WordPress customers. This service is built around WPengine, a hosting environment specifically designed for WordPress content and we’ve added our own bells & whistles from there. Try it. Search engines and human readers alike will appreciate that you’re on a state of the art hosting service.

Solution: Premium Hosting for Magento

We’ve also created a premium Magento hosting service just for Magento e-commerce websites. Magento is the market-leading CMS for “big boy” e-commerce stores. It’s a bit complicated, but it’s the way to go if you’re a serious retailer as it has loads of advanced retailing, fulfillment and shipping features. offers a customized hosting platform for Magento-based website hosting.

Bottomline: if you want to RankHI, you need a website storage and content delivery system that gets your content to your viewing audience as fast as possible. Whether BitHut or others, that means premium website hosting.

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