How to Get a #1-4 Google SERP Rankings

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Marketing

Here’s yet another # 1 Google search ranking, but what’s truly amazing about this is that we got all top four spots in Google SERP Rankings. Yep, that’s rankings 1, 2, 3 AND 4 for a single keyword. BOOM. World Domination.

This result was for one of our favorite clients, Cablevey Conveyors. Of course we had the pleasure of doing their SEO strategy and rebuilding from scratch this year, so we had a full control palate to paint their picture of success.

We wish more clients would have the sense to do a holistic treatment by linking keyword strategy with on-page and off-page campaigns. SEO is is garbage in, garbage out. Its a cumulative art. So the better you take it in step-wise fashion, the better chance of success.

TO MAINTAIN THIS #1 RANKING: This keyword can be maintained at this level through Rank & Defend Off-Page SEO CampaignsSocial Media Strategy and PPC Search Advertising.

REDACTION NOTE: We keep client keywords and SEO strategies confidential as competitors may seek to optimize on client positions.

Google SERP #1-4 Rankings