How to Hockey Stick Your Search Rankings

Does Search Engine Optimization work? Absolutely. Here’s one recent case study where in a single day, we pushed a client’s keyword Google rank from a 55th position to a #10 position and a Bing un-ranked position to the same level. And we’ve just begun as this is the result of “on-page” optimization only.

5 Website Design Tips to Win on Mobile

WEBSITE DESIGN TRUTH: If you want your website to rank high and get your message across to human viewers, you gotta be mobile-ready. Why? The fact is that search engines rank websites in part by whether websites are mobile-ready (in the industry, this is known as “Responsive”).

Web Content Tactics to Rank High

Web content is vastly different from traditional writing styles. That’s because getting seen by search engines requires writing a certain way. Also, humans read differently on the Internet. So to capture both machines and humans, you have to write different. Web content that simultaneously captures machines and humans alike is the art known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

3 Ways to Make Your Web Brand Pop

Websites that are well-branded get found, read and referred more. BOOM. That’s a triple hit that should light up any business person. Here’s a few website branding tips to improve your search rankings and hold viewers longer:

Is Your Hosting Service Causing Low Rankings?

HUGE SECRET: Search engines rank websites in part by download speed. While fast websites get ranked high, slow ones get docked authority points. This makes complete sense as those with great content also tend to pay attention to superior engineering support. Fast downloading also means a more efficient and better user experience.