#33 to #7 Google Search Ranking

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Marketing

Here’s a great short-term win: a #33 to a #7 Google search ranking following a Search Ranking Strategy & On-Page SEO Tuning. Next stop, Rank & Defend Off-Page SEO work to polish off the run to a top ranking.

Google Search Ranking: Time & Ingredients

While high Google search rankings may look easily won, they’re the result of superior strategy and validation work that precedes content crafting and backlink placements. They’re also don’t show immediately as there’s a typical lag period while the search engines spider published content (can take a couple of weeks to a month to show results). So bear in mind that SEO is more about deep thinking, discipline, time and elbow grease, than just being a “bladder mouth” on the Internet.

This campaign is for one of our own companies, so we know our service offerings well. We also know our customers well as we use our own business development software (BizGym.com) to create superior business performance strategy. In BizGym, we are able to really hone in on who our customers are and how they see the world. Customer point of view is essential to SEO. If you know who the are and what words they will use to search for services/products like your’s, you’re well on your way to SEO and Google search ranking success.

Beyond software, you also might consider talking with your customers to get their perspective. We do this service for clients through what we call a Customer Attraction Study. The fact is, that people inside of a business tend to be overly nuts and bolts oriented. Customers on the other hand think of benefits and outcomes first. They also don’t have the technical words that experts have and many will actually use incorrect words to describe or search for what you might offer. Marketing to colloquial or even incorrect terms may prove to be pure gold for you. Grab them and get them into a discussion first… then educate them on how to be correct as you establish a relationship with them.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE: We keep client keywords and SEO strategies confidential as competitors may seek to optimize on client positions.