3 Ways to Make Your Web Brand Pop

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Brand, Web

Websites that are well-branded get found, read and referred more. BOOM. That’s a triple hit that should light up any business person. Here’s a few website branding tips to improve your search rankings and hold viewers longer:

1. Know Your Story

Your brand is your business story. The better you know who you are and what you stand for, the better chance you have to communicate what’s cool and unique about your business. Exploring your backstory, what lights up your audience and how to communicate your story is all part of the branding process. Frankly, it’s not easy to do yourself as most business folks are way too close tot heir day-to-day to see their businesses from an audience’s point of view. Yet having brand vision in place before you start communicating, is one of the most efficient things you can do to drive ROI on your marketing budget. If you don’t know where to turn for branding services, we’re in the game with some smart offerings via our StoryManager unit.

2. Shorten Your Domain

A top priority of website branding guidelines for a business is the registration of a web domain that’s consistent with its legal name. Intuitive access is important, so consistency of web address and business name is essential. Beyond that, best practices include registering a name that’s ideally no more than eight characters for easy of typing and ability to fit the name into identity placements such as social media avatars. Shorter and more iconic are always better.

3. Make Your Logo Square

Many older logos are rectangular in proportion. However, today’s social media is driven by square avatar identity placements. Thus, you should update your logo to a square format for greatest impact. At the same time you might also have your designer simplify your mark as social media avatars appear in very small sizes. Avatars are a key branding opportunity that in today’s social media world, simply cannot be ignored.

4. Pick an Iconic Color Scheme

Selecting a specific color scheme for your company is an important part of branding. While you’ll of course use color in your logo and promotional art, you’ll also want to consider brand colors for backgrounds in web and social media. Color backgrounds and pictures of predominant color are highly immersive and visual, particularly for small screen devices such as viewing on mobile. Color is an engaging way to say who you are and once viewers get used to your color scheme, they’ll feel your vibe instantly.

5. Keep Your Website Branding Guidelines Simple

In website branding, strive to make things simple. Select a few simple Keywords to optimize to. Create content that can easily be read on small screens like mobile devices. Reduce text, eliminate unnecessary graphics and make remaining visual elements simple and iconic.

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