Development Services

The Bizgenics Platform

Our offshore development team builds apps by configuring pre-built microservice modules & adding custom feature layers. Pre-built microservices include: Membership, Roles, Groups, Security, Wallet, In-App Coin, Couponing, Badging, Certifications, Surveys, Notifications, Alerts, Library, Portfolio.

The Bizgenics Platform features inherent multitenancy

providing isolated setups that all embrace the platforms benefits.

Development Velocity

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Common development concerns are addressed only once.

High End Components

Even small projects are provided with elastic high-end components (e.g. security) which become a necessity once user numbers rise.

Quality Assurance

A fully tested infrastructure and standard approaches ensure highest quality levels.

Project Acceleration

Low entry barriers for new developers allow for development acceleration by adding more team members in existing projects.

System Health Monitoring

Continuous monitoring ensures immediate detection and response of critical issues.

Fully Managed

We have a dedicated team in place to fully manage your application.

The Bizgenics Platform features reusable functionality beyond infrastructure

Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS)

Multi platform SDK support
(Java, Ruby on Rails, Python).

Best practice mobile application
libraries (iOS, Android, Windows).

Predefined workflows
for common functionality.

Best practice
UI design asset library.

Large set of pre-existing AngularJS
and Angular Material UI components.

Best practice ASP.NET
Web application libraries.

The Bizgenics Platform base technology stack