HaccUp™ Strategic Hacks

HaccUp™ Hacks go beyond mere technical exploration to create scalable business models and compelling pitch presentations. Our hackathon protocol includes:

1. Concept Development

Introduction of design-thinking brainstorming and concept development scaffolding:

  • “App-preneur” Game: Our proprietary ice-breaker card game to kickoff the hack process.
  • Team & Roles Selection:  Divide into teams if haven’t done so already and assign key leadership roles for each team.
  • Optional Client Presentation: Hacks are often centered on solving a specific problem. For example, an ecological nonprofit presents a challenge to track beach with a prize purse for the winning competitor to build the app.
  • Bodacious Brainstorm: Design-thinking methods, specifically Google Sprint Method, is taught to define a significant problem, unique solution, good timing and impactful vision.

App-preneur Card Game

“App-preneur” Card Game. Learn key elements of an app concept as well as team roles.

2. Demo Development

The goal of HaccUp™ Hacks is to create a sustainable business concept including:

  • Solution Approach: Define the philosophical approach to the solution.
  • Key Feature Demo:  Create a prototype, wireframe or storyboard to describe the key MVP (Minimum Viable Product) feature.
  • Tech Description: Define technology and other key resources required.

3. Pitch Presentation

Create a pitch to present at the hack’s ending showcase:

  • Visual Presentations: Prepare a slide deck or live presentation.
  • Feature(s) Demo:  During Presentation, include features demo.
  • Optional Competition: Option to include awards and prizes with a judging panel.
  • Optional Awards: Option for sponsor(s) to fund winning concepts into HaccUp Accelerator.